Covid-19, our invisible enemy nowadays kicks in pretty hard!

Covid-19, our invisible enemy nowadays kicks in pretty hard …all lectures and lessons about disruption and market changes were definitely valuable …but a rapid or call it abrupt change like this…no-one could prepare for. We as ICO are trying to be agile and resilient as much as we can in current circumstances and wish to take the opportunity to show gratitude to:

our customers for their cooperation and willingness to different ways of working and keep continuity to serve our customers customer…
our suppliers for their enormous efforts in supplying rapidly extra-ordinary goods to support and maintain the well-being, health & safety of our community…
our people on our quays, in our VPC’s and in our offices for their efforts in showing creativity and stretching themselves to deliver the best service – without them – i m p o s s i b l e !!

Let’s take care for each other and for ourselves !!

Stay healthy and let’s overcome this together – Thank you ALL !