ICO, Port of Zeebrugge and ENGIE join forces in a unique partnership

International Car Operators (ICO) in Zeebrugge, an important hub for roll-on / roll-off goods handling for worldwide destinations, is performing its energy transition in an impressive way. In collaboration with ENGIE and Port of Zeebrugge, the terminal will be the location for the largest onshore wind farm in Flanders with a total capacity of 44 MW. ENGIE also provided the largest "electric charging island" in the country with 308 electric charging points. It is the largest onshore wind project on one industrial site in Flanders, operated by one operator: 44 MW of locally produced green energy from 11 wind turbines will be used in the second half of 2020 by the local community, by ICO itself and by moored ships . The annual production amounts to no less than 110 GWh, enough to provide electricity to around 30,000 families and to keep 50,000 tons of CO2 emissions out of the air every year. The wind turbines are an important step forward in ICO's ambition to create a "green terminal", but are not the only realization in that context. Earlier this year, ENGIE provided the largest "electric charging island" in Belgium with 154 double charging points from EVBox, a subsidiary of ENGIE. This impressive infrastructure with a capacity of 3.4 MW has been operational since February 2019 and allows to charge 100,000 electric vehicles per year, or more than 2,000 per week.