ICO serves US army!

At the end of January 2019 Kallo and Zeebrugge served again as a transit point for materials from the US Army.This new operation took place under the NATO flag and in the context of the "Operation Atlantic Resolve". Together with other NATO partners, including Belgium, the intention is to test the readiness of troops and the communication between the various army lines. At the same time, it is also a form of support for regional stability in the countries bordering on Russia.The equipment supplied belonged to the "1st Combat Aviation Brigade" and the "1st Infantery Division", both from Fort Riley in Kansas. These units replace the "4th Combat Aviation Brigade" which was the US deployment in Eastern Europe in the past nine months.In Kallo, ICO unloaded 2800 vehicles from 3 RoRo and 1 LoLo ships. The vehicles, including 600 tanks, were loaded on 22 trains, 14 barges, 650 trucks and convoys after a short inspection and refueling. After 3 weeks of intensive work, with 1000 troops on the ground, the operation was completed.In Zeebrugge we received the MV Endurance at the same time. 85 helicopters (Chinooks, Apaches and Black Hawks) with the accompanying materials were unloaded. In less than 10 days, all helicopters took off from the terminal to fly to their final destinations.For both operations, 7.5-hectare military zones were temporarily built in Zeebrugge and 13-hectare in Kallo, including accommodation for the Belgian and American staff and troops. The Belgian army took care of the surveillance of the military zones, while ICO increased its perimeter surveillance.Both operations were a huge success. The American commander of the operation praised the performance and commitment of ICO and confirmed that Zeebrugge and Kallo now play a key role in the logistical planning of the US Army.