Stink Bug treatment

Last winter everyone heard of the "Brown Marmorated Stink Bug", the animal that threatens fruit and vegetable harvests due to its great hunger.Since this year, the Australian government has designated Belgium as a risk country, meaning that the animal is actively present here.Whereas last year selected cargo had to be handled as quickly as possible after arrival at the terminal, now all cargo for Australia and New Zealand must be handled within 120 hours prior to shipment, quite a challenge. Together with EWS, ICO has drawn up a plan to ensure that everything runs smoothly. One of the investments is the construction of a brand new warehouse, specifically designed to meet the needs of the heat treatment. Heat treatment? All loads (cars, tractors, trucks, static cargo, mafis, etc.) must be heated up to 56 ° C, and that for a minimum of 20 minutes. Our new warehouse will therefore serve as a large oven to dry out the stink bugs. The air is heated by a huge heating installation that will blow hot air into the shed. In addition to the ICO warehouse, an additional building has been erected by EWS, specifically designed to handle the High & Heavy cargo.It promises to be a hot winter!