Quality & Environment

As terminal operator specialised in the handling of RoRo cargo, ICO abides by the highest quality standards and cares for a sustainable working environment.

The highest standard

All vehicles are moved and stored on the terminals with the utmost care. We abide by the Kaizen principle to meet the highest standards in the automotive industry.

Our quality management and continuous attention for the environment is monitored very closely. Besides productivity and reliability, those are the cornerstones of our company.

The many certificates (AEO, ISO9001 and Fonasba) awarded to us by recognised bodies within our industry prove that our aim for quality bears fruit. On the environmental level, we recycle and limit our CO2 emissions as much as possible. To that purpose, ICO draws the card of sustainable energy.

Since 2021 ICO has its own wind farm with 11 wind turbines, which means 110 GWh of renewable energy per year (= consumption of 30.000 families). We have 12,600 m2 solar panels, electric shuttle busses, LED terminal lighting and water recovery systems  for the car washes (washing 500 cars with only 20 liter of rainwater).