Heavy lifts

Apart from passenger cars coming straight from the factory, ICO also handles a growing number of High&Heavy goods such as trucks, trailers, project cargo, yachts, agricultural and construction equipment. Everything is stored in areas that were specifically reserved for that purpose. This way, we can guarantee a safe storage. Via various RoRo shipping services, we ship the goods to all over the world.

What are our strengths?

The Heavy Lifts department has its own management structure, including its own dock supervisors and foremen. This allows us to perform all tasks efficiently and properly. Apart from RoRo activities, we also handle container shipment and conventional tasks.

For securing the goods, we have our own uniform lashing system, accepted by all shipping companies. Our employees are being trained continuously to guarantee the internal quality.

What can you expect from us?

Our cutomers benefit from a total service package, including:

  • specialised and well-trained personnel
  • vesselplanning with cargo for several destinations
  • make vessels  seaworthy
  • sufficient lashing and securing material in stock