Terminal operating system

In 2012, ICO introduced a new Terminal Operating System.

The software manages the planning of the individual vehicle movements on the terminal, taking account of the arrival, vehicle model, the related orders, planned delivery date and many other factors. In this way, the loading and unloading of the vessels and trucks is planned and in a later stage also centrally controlled by the system, allowing an even more efficient operation.

In addition to the increased productivity of the terminal, ICO obtains a complete overview of all processes and the status of each individual vehicle within the new TOS. Manufacturers and dealers can also obtain real-time information about every vehicle location during the terminal handling or VPC process.

Our system is the first fully integrated software system that transparently maps the complete path of a vehicle from factory to the dealer, it optimizes each sub process and comprehensively synchronizes all processes. TOS optimizes the supply chain management of the parking as well as the loading of the cars and coordinates all incoming and outgoing transport, resulting in minimal driving distances of each vehicle.