Vehicle Processing

Our 4 state-of-the-art Vehicle Processing Centers (VPC) in Zeebrugge and Antwerp offer the most diverse services and are equipped with the best technical installations.

Tailor-made to the customer

Apart from the handling of goods, Vehicle Processing is an important extra service. At request of the customer we perform all kinds of handling on new cars in our technical workshops before they are delivered or shipped. An overview.

Pre Delivery Inspection

Depending on your wishes, our employees make sure that cars or other rolling stock is shipped or transported in perfect condition. An overview of our services

  • Carwash: cleaning of cars
  • Dewax: removal of the protecting paraffin or co-polymer layer from the cars
  • Inspection of cars in accordance with the instructions of the customer
  • CarDoc: provide manuals, affix stickers, etc.
  • Wrapping: apply or remove a special protective foil on new cars
  • Preparation: lease vehicles
  • Maintenance: of long-term stored verhicles


Our technicians have a broad garage and bodywork experience to perform all kinds of assembling works properly.

  • Installation of all accessories: air conditioning, radio/CD, GPS, styling kits, tinted windows, hardtops, leather interior, sunroofs, etc.
  • Execution of factory reworks
  • Construction of special series: conversion light freight, installation of cabinets, cross country, preheater, rear end carrier, publicity stickers, etc.


Did the vehicles suffer light damage during the transport after all? In our Vehicle Processing Centres we repair those in the blink of an eye.

  • Repair of cars in accordance with OEM quality standard
  • Use of spectrometry and UV technology
  • Remarketing (Antwerp):

    • repair and refurbishment of short term lease vehicles
    • extensive quality inspection
    • stock management and logistic services

All centres are equipped with a paint shop.

Underbody Protection (corrosion protection)

  • application of extra protection to increase quality and guarantee provision of the vehicle.
  • protection of the cavity underneath the cars


Should the cars be transferred from and to other port quays? Our employees take care of that in a minute. While doing so, they stick to the strict rules of conduct and traffic regulations valid on and around the terminals.