About us

With our terminals in Zeebrugge and Antwerp, we form a reliable link in our customers' international logistics chain. They enjoy a complete range of services with us, with a focus on the handling of cars, rolling goods and much more. An introduction.

The gateway to Europe

ICO serves an extensive network of shipping companies visiting a range of destinations all over the world from and to all continents. Our terminals in Zeebrugge and Antwerp are important hubs for the handling of roll-on/roll-off goods, with smooth inland connections in Europe by truck or train, or via shortsea connection to UK, Baltic area and even to St. Petersburg in Russia.

Thanks to this extensive network, ICO offers the automotive industry a strong hub and spoke concept and efficient handling and transhipment services. This way, ICO holds a unique position within Europe. Moreover, bothe terminals are close to the sales market allowing customers to enjoy the tailor-made service even more.

ICO’s Forwarding department also provides the possibility to offer the full door-to-door package at extremely competitive rates.

Our project & Breakbulk team handles all your cargo from the smallest unit till the largest project cargo modules in a most efficient way.

Complete offer of services

Besides the handling of cars and other rolling goods on board of sea ships and on terminal, ICO also offers a number of additional services. In our 4 Vehicle processing Centres, new cars are fully prepared for delivery or shipment. Specialised teams take care of the repair, PDI treatment, assembly of accessories and recently an important remarketing department was added. The department agency and logistics develops tailor-made solutions at the customer’s request. In all what we do, we abide by the highest quality standards and we give absolute priority to a sustainable working environment.

Our corporate values

Since the satisfaction of the customer is our first concern, we have based our services on 3 values. We are strongly committed to those every day in all our departments.


      Be respectful and nice for customers and colleagues. Stay warm, friendly, polite and caring.


        Always think of new ideas for improvement, even when the circumstances look satisfactory. Be open for improvement.


        Work on every task until it is completed. Do not give up. Overcome challenges. Stay motivated.