ICO is pioneer in green initiatives, highlighted by our launch of Flanders' largest onshore wind turbine park in 2019. With 11 turbines in Zeebrugge, we generate an average of 110 GWh of renewable energy yearly, powering 30,000 families and reducing CO2 emissions by 50,000 tons. To further our commitment, we've installed 12,600m2 of solar panels, plan to expand the windfarm, and introduce battery storage, aiming for full operation on renewable energy.

Optimization measures like our yard system and digital simulation tool enhance efficiency and reduce emissions. By 2028, all ICO vehicles will be electric as part of our fleet electrification plan. Through the implementation of comprehensive sustainability strategies, ICO aims to minimize its ecological footprint while maximizing operational efficiency.

Beyond climate actions, our Sustainability department aligns the strategical objectives with SDGs, promoting sustainable development in all areas. These efforts position ICO as a leader in sustainability, adding value to society and setting us apart from other terminals. With the support of the NYK Group, we're poised to make a significant global impact.