Terminal Handling

ICO's main activity is unloading and loading cars and other rolling goods on board of sea ships and storage on terminal. Our terminals in Antwerp and Zeebrugge have both deepsea, shortsea, barge and rails connections. At our terminals, we also offer large storage capacities and extensive value added services in our own Vehicle Processing Centers.

E-gate for trucks

Our fully automated gate process guarantees visiting trucks a very efficient turn time.

ICO's terminals have an ideal location for inland distribution. Every terminal has a dedicated area where truck drivers can load or unload their truck.

Rail handling

The ICO terminals are perfectly connected to the rail network.

Experienced and well-trained dockers take care of the loading and unloading of the trains on our on-site rail facility, while our planning department organizes the charge and discharge of the train.

Indoor/outdoor storage

ICO has a total terminal surface of 370 hectares for storage of new cars and other cargo. The state-of-the-art terminals meet all quality requirements expected by the customers.

ICO also has several warehouses with a total surface of 50.000m².