Sustainability is more current than ever. In this rapidly changing world, ICO harmonizes its day-to-day operations with an increasingly green mindset by minimizing energy waste, creating green energy and reducing the overall carbon footprint of ourselves and the port community.

"Digitalization and Green” is seen as a strategic means to strengthen our position in the competitive global supply chain to which we belong. Due to the many initiatives we take, we want to create a 'Green state-of-the-art terminal' that is ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

Some examples of the initiatives that demonstrate that we at ICO implement sustainability in our daily operations:

The ICO wind farm, consisting of 11 wind turbines, has a capacity of no less than 44 megawatts! The 'harvest' of our turbines is estimated at 110 GWh (gigawatt hours) annually. This corresponds to the electricity consumption of 30,000 families and keeps the emission of no less than 50,000 tons of CO2 per year out of the air. This green energy is used to power the charging stations for our cargo, as well as for our visitors, staff and anyone else who wishes to use it.

We have installed a charging park of 308 charging stations, which means that the largest charging station park in the Benelux is located in the port of Antwerp-Bruges! Sustainability is becoming the norm and all car brands are further implementing electrification, through this project we respond to the needs of our customers.

Terminal lighting is one of our main energy consumers, ICO switched to LED lighting instead of classic SON-T fixtures.

This benefits both safety (visibility) and the environment (energy consumption).

Switching our fleet to a fully sustainable fleet, including EV buses for transporting our staff.

Our partners with whom we work are also making this switch to more sustainable means of transport for our dock workers.

Purchase of a new 154-ton crane that can be powered by our own green energy for the handling of our breakbulk and project cargo.

We not only produce green energy, we also use it for our operational activities.